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Family Photography Outfit Guide {Hawaii}

Yayy!! You booked a photography session for your family! Next step - choose the outfits! This can sometimes be overwhelming but we are here to help! Here is our guide to choosing the best outfits for your fam!


  • Stick to neutral tones like blush, white, cream, light blue, tan, etc.

  • Choose softer fabrics like linen & cotton

  • Choose mom's outfit first, such as a dress or a romper then coordinate around her colors

  • Dad is suggested to wear chino type of pants or shorts and a button up shirt

  • Focus on colors that go together rather than match completely

  • Add accessories like headbands, hats, bows, blankets, etc.

  • Fun patterns and textures like Aloha shirts work too BUT be sure not to wear small stipe patterns as they do not photograph well digitally

  • When in doubt select one patterned outfit for a single person in the family and then pull colors from that pattern to dress everyone else in solid colors to coordinate.

  • Tennis shoes look a little odd. In fact, please don't bring nice sandals to the beach! Sand is pretty good at getting everywhere. We suggest barefoot or strap on sandals.

  • Bring a change of clothes or backup shirt/bottoms for little ones and a towel. Someone inevitably gets a bit wet and sandy from the ocean sprays or surprise dips in the ocean!

  • See below for some examples

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